Dr Hilary Jones and Willerby Bespoke unite

29 June 2020

As the nation slowly begins to emerge from lockdown, there have been many questions raised about what the impact of the past few months has been on our mental health and wider wellbeing.

We’ve been working behind the scenes with TV doctor, Dr Hilary Jones, on a report which we’ve aptly named ‘The Great British Break Off’. This looks at the importance of staycations and holidays for our health, and also delves into the health benefits of living in a park home and why so many people choose this fantastic way of life.

We surveyed 2,000 park home owners in the UK to discover the reasons why people enjoy the park home lifestyle so much.

46% of people revealed it was the beautiful locations they loved the most, while 32% said it was the secure and friendly community feeling of the park. Other reasons people opted for park home living included more financial freedom, being able to design their own home and more eco-friendly living. And we agree with all the above!

We’d love to hear more about why you love your park home, and what you think the health benefits are on marketing@whh.co.uk. To discover and download the ‘Great British Break Off’ report, visit https://www.willerby.com/greatbritishbreakoff