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You told us you wanted us to be able to adapt your home so you could take your dog on holiday with you. The designers back at Willerby HQ listened and have developed the Simply Pawsome Pack – a range of interchangeable options that can make your new home work for you and your beloved four legged friend.

Choose from three option packs that are a combination of:

Outdoor tap

Wash off the sand or mud from your pooch’s paws before they come back inside your home.

Dog gate - rigid or retractable

Separate the kitchen from the lounge. Not all of you want your dog on the sofa, especially with wet paws, so we have two types of dog gate to keep them at bay after they play! (dependent on home type).

Stable door

Open the top half of the door to let some air in and know your four legged friend is safe and sound.

Willerby dog bowl

Your dog will be the envy of the pack with their very own limited edition bowl.

willerby simply pawsome dog pack


After all, home is where the dog is.

The Pawsome option packs & prices

Pawsome Option 1

Stable door, outside tap, retractable pet gate & dog bowl

£660 (inc VAT)

Pawsome Option 2

Stable door, outside tap, rigid pet gate & dog bowl

£682 (inc VAT)

Pawsome Option 3

Stable door, outside tap, & dog bowl (no dog gate)

£555 (inc VAT)

How to order your Pawsome pack

Tell your park or dealer which Pawsome Pack option you would like on your new home. Ask them to check that you can have the option that you want.

Dog gate information

We’ve done our best to make the dog gate available on as many of our holiday homes as possible – but we just couldn’t get it into every one of them. Please check before ordering and make sure you know which gate you will receive with your Simply Pawsome Pack.

The retractable dog gate covers apertures up to 1.4m.This is like a vertical roller blind that winds up and self stores.

The more rigid dog gate covers apertures between 1.4m and 2.1m and will need to be stored in the wardrobe when not in use.

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