Willerby a pioneer in Modular Housing

For over seventy years Willerby has been manufacturing holiday homes and lodges for parks across the UK and world. In 2009 we dedicated a section of our business to the design, manufacture and installation of high quality, innovative off-site modular buildings.  

Why choose Willerby?

Manufacturing Expertise


Founded in 1946 Willerby operate manufacturing facilities of over half a million sqft across a 90 acre site, producing more than 7000 modular, residential and holiday homes a year. Located in close proximity to the Port of Hull we are ideally situated for delivering a seamless transition from factory to sites across the UK and Europe. With experience across multiple sectors it means that we can produce a variety of property including traditional homes, apartments, bungalows, multi storey hotel blocks, beach huts, forest retreats and even completely bespoke products. 

What is a modular building? 


A modular buildings that are produced off-site in a factory, split in to transportable models, transported and then installed on site. The off-site build of the modular timber offers an opportunity for housing providers to commission sustainable, thermally efficient and high quality housing stock which can be constructed almost 50% quicker and more cost-effectively than through conventional construction techniques, whilst at the same time reducing environmental impact

Why choose Modular Housing from Willerby?
  • Reduced site infastructure costs
  • Improved quality and better quality controls throughout the whole modular build
  • Quick installation
  • Improved healthy and safety
  • Reduction in wasted time and damage caused by weather
  • Potential reduction in client programs by up to 50%
  • Fully customisable internal and external aesthetics
  • Built to building regulations or BS3632

Some of our previous work

A gallery of our our previous work, for more information of how Willerby can potentially help your project please contact us.

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